Energy & Green Technology ( EGT )

Teo Hong Silom, Energy & Green Technolgy, is the specialized company in environmental engineering field. We provide  numerous  solutions for saving energy, especially reducing cost
of electricity. The five intensive solutions were established for serving and responding all customers who looking for alternative and innovative solution / technology to help them in
any costing reduction.

With our expert team of engineers, we are thoroughly confident in providing all concern
services to the industry. We always consider the efficiently utilizing of all the resource in
order to provide the best and the most economical service to  each customer. The result is
to protect our environment and to create the cleanness and happiness for our society.
We also provide excellent 24x7 after-sales support to the valuable customers as well as
handles turn-key projects. Therefore, our customers are ensured that they will get satisfaction
matching with their requirements.

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