Information & Communications Technology ( ICT )

  • » Access Technology
  •    » GPON
  •    » CMTS
  •    » Ethernet Demarcation
  •    » 3G/4G Router
  • » Backbone
  •    » DWDM
  •    » MPLS
  • » Voice Solution
  •    » Hybrid PBX
  •    » Session Border Control (SBC)
  • » IP Network Infrastructure
  •    » L2/L3 Switch
  •    » Wireless Access Point
  •    » Deep Packet Inspection & Analytic
  •    » Web/Video Caching
  •    » Application Delivery Control / Load Balancer
  •    » Anti DDos
  • » Application
  •    » Content Delivery Network
  •    » Tr069 Management
  •    » Self-Optimization Network
  •    » Mobile Revenue Assurance

The Teo Hong Silom Group’s beginnings date back more than 30 years to 1974. The
company quickly earned a reputation for astute business practices bases on financial
strength and the industry expertise of professional management team with many years
of business experience, initially concentrated on providing electrical products primarily for
use in government and private sector projects. Today Teo Hong Silom has business
interests that focus on contracting work for mechanical and electrical systems,
information & communication technology, special products, construction solution and
property development.

Teo Hong Silom’s ICT Solutions Business has committed to offer products and
infrastructure packages that exceed customer expectations. This increasingly significant
area of business server as a one-stop supplier of integrated solutions that add value to
a customer’s operations. We aim to help our customers make decisive improvements in
the direction and performance of their IT infrastructure by sparking breakthrough ideas
and solution, a high customer profile in the communication industry and associations.

ICT Solutions business is fast becoming one of the leading IT solutions providers in the
Thai market with individuals as well as with organizations, ICT solution and service from
THS serve you with Professional, innovative and breakthrough solution:

  • IP and Security Network Product
  • Voice and WAN Network Product
  • IT Infrastructure Product
  • Application Service & Web Service

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