Information and Communications Technology ( ICT )

Innovative and Breakthrough Solutions for Customer Success

Keeping up with emerging technologies and the changing needs of business customers is of
the utmost importance in this digital age. Teo Hong Silom’s ICT Solutions business is committed to offering products and infrastructure packages that exceed customer expectations. This increasingly significant area of business serves as a one-stop supplier of
integrated solutions that add value to a customer’s operations. Teo Hong Silom’s ICT
Solutions business is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals with many years of
experience in the information and communications technology industry.

We aim to help our customers to make decisive improvements in the direction and performance of their IT infrastructure by sparking breakthrough ideas and solutions. Our
group of professionals believes that by delivering the best possible solutions, the critical success of our customers will be ensured. Thanks to our many years of experience,
a high customer profile in the telecommunication industry and associations with organizations such as the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC),
TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), True Corporation (True), Advanced Data Network Communication (ADC), CAT Telecom (CAT), KSC Commercial Internet (KSC) and
Total Access Communication (DTAC), Teo Hong Silom’s ICT Solutions business is fast becoming one of the leading IT Solutions providers in The Thai market.

We see the essence of our work as a virtuous circle of insight, impact, and trust.
     • We continually strive to generate deep insight into what drives value creation and
       competitive advantage in our clients’ businesses.
     • We work closely with clients to convert insights into strategies, whose implementation
       will have a substantial positive impact on performance.
     • Consistently delivering impact earns the trust that is the foundation of lasting
       relationships. These relationships serve as a platform for still deeper insights and more
       significant impact.

Teo Hong Silom’s ICT Solutions business aspires to achieve these goals with individuals as well as with organizations.

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