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Truly a one-stop provider for innovative building materials, the Construction solutions business is comprised of Sales, Marketing, Installation, Engineering and Business Development Departments. The Sales, Pre-Sales and Installation Departments focus primarily on innovative, high quality building and construction materials. Other areas of specialty include cleaning equipment.


Information & Communications


Medical Equipment

Noritake Tableware

Property Development

Keeping up with emerging technologies and the changing needs of business customers is of the utmost importance in this digital age. Teo Hong Silom’s ICT Solutions business is committed to offer products and infrastructure packages that exceed customer expectations.


The medical equipment department offers products that encompass the very latest in cutting-edge technology such as infant incubators, infant warmers, infusion pump, syringe pump


The department also specializes in niche products such as neurosurgery instruments namely higher quality subdural epilepsy electrode, cervical traction halo system as well as intraoperative neuromonitoring systems and dense array electroencephalography (dEEG) platform technology.


Teo Hong Silom Co., Ltd has been the sole agent for world-renowned Noritake Tableware in Thailand for almost two decades. Noritake Tableware, a Japanese brand is one of the leading tableware marques in the world.


Teo Hong Silom Co., Ltd. is an active participant in the highly-competitive local property development field. The Property Development business is comprised of a commercial leasing department, residential leasing department, food & beverage department, and service & management department.




THS Growth was established in 2005 as a holding company under Teo Hong Silom. After an organizational restructuring in 2017, THS Growth currently consists of three companies which offer high quality engineering solutions for buildings:

  • THS Development.
  • THS Parking Solutions.
  • THS Innovations.

The integration of these three companies will enable THS Growth to manage the group’s engineering solution business more effectively and with greater flexibility. We are confident that this will result in even better customer services and help maximize our growth potential.

THS Development offers four types of mechanical and electrical solutions for buildings: air-conditioning, fire protection, plumbing, and electrical and communication. Trusted by leading real estate developers and the industrial sector in Thailand, we are able to offer contracted mechanical and electrical system installation and maintenance for all types of buildings, including office buildings, high-rise residential, hotels, hospitals, factories, department stores, mixed-use buildings, etc.

THS Innovations offers energy efficiency solutions for buildings. Our services include consultation, design, installation with guaranteed efficiency, and preventive and collective maintenance. In addition, we offer joint investment opportunities in which building owners can save energy consumption expenses without initial investment.



THS Soft is the subsidiary of Teo Hong Silom Co., Ltd. THS Soft is a quality software development company that specialize in Data Analytics, IoT, Smart Building, RPA, CDN, and Software development outsourcing. Since 2019, we have built many products and become the digital transformation partner for leading enterprises in Thailand. With a talented team and a transparent working process, we are always ready to move forward with you to offer the innovative ideas.

Using state-of-the-art technology, THS Parking Solutions designs and installs complete automatic parking solutions which enable building owners to maximize space use, increase parking safety, and improve parking efficiency. With this system, our customers can also modernize the look of their buildings and make their buildings more environmentally friendly. THS Parking Solutions is Thailand’s leading automatic parking solution provider. We are trusted by major Thai real estate developers and are capable of providing complete parking solutions for a variety of buildings.





Prompt Techno Service consists of 3 main core services including Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Facility Maintenance Services (FMS), Total Facility Management (TFM) has operated since 1992. Our accomplishments include factories, warehouses, office buildings, department stores, residences, laboratories, hospitals, educational buildings, etc. Most of the buildings need expetise in particular fields and modern technologies in order to achieve the international service standards certified by the ISO quality management system standards.

We are a Mechanical and Electrical Contractor for Building and Factory


- Air conditioning and Ventilation System

- Sanitary and Plumbing System

- Electrical and Communication System


There are various types of innovative solutions that our company deliver, these innovative solutions were designed to bring the best result and outcome. There are Clean room, HVAC, SWIT and many more of mechanical and electrical works, we also offer installations and controls of all systems based on our client’s desire.

A Leading Solution and Service Partner for Your Success

About us

Today, Teo Hong Silom has business interests that focus on contracting work for mechanical and electrical systems, Construction solutions, property development and special products. It also has a thriving information and communications technology business that supplies high-profile clients such as True Corporation (True), Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), CAT Telecom (CAT), TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), Symphony Communication (SYMC), Internet Thailand Public Company (INET), National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), and more with state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions, as well as turnkey IT support services that are vital for success in the modern business arena. governance, years of experience and the highest standards of customer care, continues to make it a partner of choice for overseas companies looking to do business in Thailand.

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